Date: 3rd July, 2023.
Objective: To provide cooked food, hope, emotional support and teach “My Body Is My Body Program”
Context: Children in Kibera slums hardly do they afford two meals a day. Most of the families in this area only eat ones a day..
Practice: We went at the heart of the slum with food, sanitary towels and stationery that people donated and also the foods we bought which we cooked and distributed for the children to eat. We also taught the children the “ My Body Is My Body Program”
Success: Through the feeding program in Kibera slums-Kenya, we taught the “My Body Is My Program”, Menstrual hygiene and academic mentorship. The kids shared what they want to be in future; Engineers, Doctors, Pilot etc. One of them interested us when he said he wants to be Darren Hart when he grows up!

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