Date: 24th July 2023.
Objective: To bring donations to children and essential items for school.
Context: Memorial home had requested us to visit them and spacifically stating the challenges of food, stationery and academic support.
Practice: We went to Memorial Home in Naivasha, Nakuru County along with food, stationery, toothpaste, dewormers and sanitary items.
Success: We had a memorable day in Memorial Children’s Home in Naivasha. No words can express the gratitude we feel in our hearts towards the support from the well wishers. Truly, Through your generous donations and financial patronization, we were able to achieve something incredible. We were able to hold the childrens’ hand and start a journey towards changing their lives for the better. We as well taught the “My Body Is My Body Program”, cut the cake with kids and had a great fun.

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