We are a passionate and purpose driven charity organization; committed to environmental sustainability, community empowerment, and social inclusion, working tirelessly to enrich lives, preserve nature, and create a lasting positive impact in the world.

Our journey began in 2017, with a mission to reduce inequalities in the societies through humanitarian services such as securing access and focus to education by providing education support to students and pupils in need, children’s home visits, street families feeding programs and distribution of sanitary towels to girls and women in need of them especially those living in low income setting areas like slums and deprived or marginalized areas.

This gradually advanced to compacting climate change through tree planting activities, community cleanups and sensitization of correct disposal of waste and recycling. As we gather the masses of people during these activities we create awareness on mental health illness and reduce stigma in adolescents and young adults, we advocate for child safety in standing against child abuse by teaching them to be self aware of themselves to ensure the safety and well being of vulnerable children, mentorship of youth in leadership, we integrate the message of peace, reaching a broad audience and contributing positively to societal well-being.

Through our diverse initiatives, we have inspired compassion, fostered volunteerism, and we have stood as a beacon of hope, striving to build a better and more equitable future for all.

What We Do

Environmental Conservation
Children homes and streets visits
mentorship of the youth in leadership
Provision of Sanitary Towels
Mental health awareness
emergency and humanitarian work

Our Team

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