Date: 8th March, 2024.
Objective: To bring donations to children and essential items for school.
Context: Uhuyi Primary School lack essential supplies like sanitary pads, stationery and clothes.
Practice: We went to Uhuyi Primary School in Siaya County which is about 406km away from Nairobi. We took to them, stationery, toothpaste and sanitary items.
Success: We collaborated with esteemed partners including Seline Cares Foundation, Ecobana, Metacloud x, and One World Nexus in a heartfelt endeavor. Together, we provided essential supplies such as sanitary pads, exercise books, and pens to the deserving pupils of Uhuyi Primary School in Siaya County, Kenya. This compassionate initiative, meticulously organized and executed, symbolizes our collective commitment to philanthropy and community support. Through our joint efforts, we have not only addressed immediate material needs but also instilled hope and empowerment in the hearts of these young learners. This successful collaboration underscores the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations come together with a shared vision of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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