Date: 7th January 2024.
Objective: To bring donations to children and essential items for school.
Context: Kaloleni Children’s home had requested us to visit them and spacifically stating the challenges of food, stationery and academic support.
Practice: We went to Kaloleni Home in South B, Nairobi. We took to them food, stationery, toothpaste, dewormers and sanitary items.
Success: We had a successful visit at Kaloleni Children’s Home in South-B, Nairobi, Kenya. We not only spent quality time with the children but also conducted the “My Body is My Body Program.” This program helped the children become more aware of themselves and understand what to do if their rights are violated. The foundation expresses gratitude to everyone who supported and contributed to the success of the event. A special thanks is extended to Bhardwaj Welfare Trust and Mama Gift Foundation for their generous in-kind donations.

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