Darren Hart Foundation Appoints New Diaspora & Foreign Affairs Director

Darren Hart Foundation has appointed Lisa Kamau to head the Newly created office of the Diaspora and Foreign Affairs Director. Her appointment became effected on 2nd May, 2024.

Her Key Responsibilities include:

– Engage with diaspora communities through various channels to raise awareness and garner support for the foundation’s initiatives.

– Represent the foundation within diaspora networks, articulating our objectives and impact, and encouraging active participation.

– Build and maintain strong relationships with diaspora leaders, organizations, and influencers to leverage their networks and resources.

– Identify and pursue fundraising opportunities within diaspora communities to support the foundation’s programs and projects.

– Collaborate with the foundation’s leadership and fundraising teams to develop targeted campaigns and initiatives tailored to diaspora supporters.

– Provide regular updates to the foundation’s leadership on diaspora engagement efforts, progress, and challenges.

– Ensure transparent and timely communication with diaspora supporters, keeping them informed about the foundation’s activities, achievements, and impact.

Lisa is a Graduate Civil Engineer driven by a vision of sustainable and inclusive communities. Always excited to collaborate and contribute to projects and activities that promote social equity, thus bridging the gap between the privileged and the underserved.

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