My Body Is Mine (MBIM) Programme

The “My Body is Mine” program teaches children about personal boundaries without
making them afraid.

  • Does your child know how to recognize potentially dangerous situations and people?
  • Does your child know which “strangers” to ask for help if he/she were lost?
  • Does your child know to tell you if an adult or older kid asks him/her to keep a secret?
  • Does your child know that “secret touches” are not allowed between adults and children?
  • Does your child know the 7 signals that give him/her the right to say, “NO!” GET AWAY and
    TELL a trusted adult?

Your child will learn all of this with the “My Body is Mine” programme.

The basic message is that, most people are good, but there are a few people who have a
“touching problem” and if your child were ever confronted with this kind of person, they could
“Say No,” “Get Away” and “Tell a Trusted Adult.”

“My Body is Mine” programme is a 30-minute (Preschoolers to Kindergarteners) or 45-minute (1st to 6th Graders) presentation is conducted by our trained child-safety presenter from DHF.

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