Darren Hart

Darren Hart

Founder and CEO

As a dedicated Civil Engineering student at the University of Nairobi, I am driven by a fervent commitment to effect positive change in my communities. Alongside my studies, I serve as a life coach, guiding and inspiring young minds towards their fullest potential.

I believe true leadership lies in selfless service and a passion for community welfare. Beyond my academic pursuits, I actively engage in environmental advocacy, striving to enhance our surroundings and uplift society.

Founding the Darren Hart Foundation underscores my dedication to community betterment. In various leadership roles, including CEO of Darren Hart Foundation, Country Director at Clean Up Kenya, and Communications & Liaison Officer at PCUL, I advocate tirelessly for meaningful impact.

My efforts have been recognized internationally, earning accolades such as the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation's Recognition Award and the National Council of NGOs Kenya's Outstanding Community Service on SDGs Award. Locally, I've been honored with the Clean Up Kenya Hall of Fame Award and distinctions for volunteering, corporate social responsibility, and innovation.

With an audacious vision to plant two million trees by 2027, I am committed to leaving a lasting legacy of service and empowerment. As a National Peace Champion and catalyst for change, my goal is simple: to touch as many lives as possible, leaving behind a world better than I found it.

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